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We generate opportunities for brands and companies through strategic and creative communication. With passion and dedication, we create strong productions with the power to influence and inspire while generating trust and success.

publiciteta | creative communications agency and design studio since 2003.







From the word publicity (Swedish: publicitet) in the sense of creating public awareness of a brand associated, for example, with a product, company or organization.

We develop access routes to different target groups and raise interest through strategic, creative and well-designed communication.

As sensitivity has a great impact to our choices, genuine passion and dedication are required to create what people care about and pay attention to. And that's exactly what our involvement is all about. Our work is always centred on our clients' knowledge of their own specific fields. Together we can then create the right production for the right purpose.

Publiciteta is a unique partner in many ways. We offer all types of consultation and graphics production. Our ambition is to be a partner that is easy and fun to work with. Our commitment is to clarifying complex structures and delivering productions with clear goals and purposes.

We are a creative communications agency and design studio that started in 2003. We are based in southern Sweden in a charming rural environment where you can actually see and feel creativity growing. We work extensively internationally and, although our niche is medical technology, we also serve clients in many other fields. We are a team with extensive knowledge and experience that strives towards long-term relationships in which we can collaborate to create successful productions.

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