QR code

What is a QR code and how do you use this?

A QR code (Quick Respone) is a barcode that can be read by various applications and camera on smartphones and tablets. The function is basically the same as the bar codes that are available on items in a regular store.

You can then get access to the hidden information in the QR-code, this may be for example, a web page, a video, an audio file, email address, contact information or road directions.

One can even make QR code a bit different than the traditional look, you could, for example, Integrating one's logo in it to make it even more personal.

What applications to use?

There are many different application on the market, all not working optimally, therefore would we recommend the following. It is free and widely used and recommended by most users.

Unitag QR Code Scanner

Unitag QR Code Scanner